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Make a difference today. Help provide food, clothing, medical & community support to the poor in the Philippines



What if you were suddenly faced with only having one meal a day?  

During one feeding, in her childlike innocence, 8-year-old Maria with a large bowl in her little hands asked me if she could have extra food for her mother and brothers, who had none today!  It was like she was giving all she had, and even more of what she had to others.  If she could do this why couldn't’t I! 

As tears roll down my cheeks I thought to myself; I’ve just been touch by the Lord!  And it begins! 

You probably understand the value of one.

You know the difference that one person can make.  Or one good employee.  Or one terrific day of sales.

You probably also support the notion that many have in the nonprofit world that if we could just help one person and truly changes their life for the better, it will all be worth it.

At Maria & Joseph's Ministry to the Poor, we haven’t just changed one life. We’ve changed hundreds. In the past years, we’ve helped feed and cloth hundreds of children and have gotten them out of some pretty yucky situations.

maria and josephs ministry to the poor
Our mission is to restore hope and dignity, and transform lives. Our programs develop a child and family’s self-confidence, and spiritual development which empower them to realize self-reliance and help them break the cycle of poverty.